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Auckland Hospital

Oesophagogastric and Bariatric Surgery Unit, Auckland City Hospital

The Oesophagogastric and Bariatric surgery unit is part of the Department of General Surgery at Auckland City Hospital.  There are three Upper GI consultants performing a full range of oesophagogastric surgery for benign and malignant conditions.  The unit works closely with the HPB unit, wherein  two of the senior HPB surgeons continue to have an active interest in oesophagogastric surgery, principally for cancer.

The team consists of three consultants, a fellow, a SET registrar shared with the HPB unit, a house officer (RMO) and a nurse practitioner. A team Health psychologist and dietician provide additional input to the Bariatric Surgery service.

The fellow is involved with all major oesophagogastric, bariatric and other benign UGI surgery.   Over the course of a 12 month fellowship, approximately 20 major upper GI resections are performed (both open and minimally invasive), in addition to 50+ bariatric procedures, and 100+ other benign upper GI operations. It is expected that the fellow will be primary operator for most if not all of the procedures by the end of his or her fellowship.

The fellow is also integrally involved in perioperative care, clinics, and both UGI and bariatric multi-disciplinary meetings.  The fellow will take a major role in acute Upper GI surgery cases as well as acute general surgery on a roster with the wider department.  Call is coordinated with the UGI team, and is led on site by the fellow with consultant back up.  

As the University of Auckland Department of Surgery is located within Auckland City Hospital, there are ample opportunities to become involved with high quality surgical, clinical and laboratory research, in addition to surgical education.  Honorary clinical lecturer positions are available and applications are encouraged.

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