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Austin Hospital


The Austin is a tertiary referral hospital in Heidelberg Victoria with approximately 500 beds. There are 4 sub-specialized general surgical units. These units are...

  1. Hepatobiliary Unit (including Victorian Liver Transplant Unit)
  2. Breast Unit
  3. Upper Gastrointestinal and Bariatric Unit (including Endocrine Surgery)
  4. Colorectal Unit

Activities of the unit include emergent and elective operating sessions five days per week over the Austin Hospital and the Repatriation Hospital. A substantial workload is undertaken at 2 major private institutions Warringal and Epworth Richmond.

Staffing includes 6 Upper GI surgeons, 4 Endocrine surgeons, 2 sub-specialty fellows (1 Upper GI, 1 Endocrine), 2 advanced senior surgical registrars, 3 interns, a peri-operative nurse (inclusive of cancer support) and a research nurse.

Anticipated Operative Experience

The ANZGOSA fellow participates in cases undertaken in both public and private. Depending on the suitability and level of experience, the fellow undertakes supervised complex revisional surgery. In addition to sub-specialty workload, it is expected that the applicant is sufficiently prepared to undertake general surgical emergency work. It is expected that the ANZGOSA fellow would participate in around 150 major specialist Upper GI cases, 200 endoscopies and 150 Major General Surgery cases per year.

  • Benign Upper GI workload includes Hiatal and anti-reflux surgery Achalasia Benign tumours of oesophagus, stomach, pancreas Primary& revisional bariatric surgery
  • Malignant Upper GI workload includes Esophageal and gastric tumors Small bowel Pancreas
  • Advanced Endoscopic Intervention Stenting for malignant and benign disease Endoscopic clipping and drainage Argon, Laser and HALO Endoscopic management of bariatric complications Trans-Gastric surgery for benign and malignant disease

Multidisciplinary & Unit Interaction

In addition to a busy operative schedule, there are regular clinical meetings involving other subspecialty practitioners. These are structured meetings and the UGI fellow is expected to participate, take charge and present on a regular basis.

  • Meetings Cancer Multi-Disciplinary Meetings- Specific to Upper Gastrointestinal Tumors Morbidity and Mortality Meeting Annual Upper Gastrointestinal Audit Unit Grand Rounds Radiology Meetings Pathology Meetings
  • Multidisciplinary Outpatients Upper GI & general surgery outpatients Bariatric outpatients
  • Within unit Teaching and supervision of junior medical staff Involved in activities of nursing staff Research, publication and presentations at local and national conferences

Training Program


The position is funded by the Austin Hospital. This is a form of a fixed annual salary covering both elective and emergent work. Additional income is generated from conjoint cases in private institutions. This will be on a regular schedule.

Support From Institution

The institutional benefits will include (where applicants qualify) salary packaging, employee assistance program and a generous continuing medical education (1.0 EFT).

The fellow will have access to a well-supported library with access to extensive literature. There will also be work-stations in the Upper GI unit office.

Clinical Research and Publication

The unit has a track record in clinical research and maintains a number of specialty databases for quality assurance and audit projects. The fellow will be involved in current research projects. Additional opportunities exist for independent projects of interest. It is expected that the fellow aim for publication of at least 1 to 2 manuscripts during the term of appointment. There are also opportunities to present at National and Local conferences.


The head of unit is Clinical Associate Professor Ahmad Aly. Formal and informal assessments are undertaken throughout the duration of employment in keeping with requirements of ANZGOSA. This would be conducted via the head of unit in conjunction with other members within the unit.

Austin Hospital

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