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Western Hospital


The Upper GI unit is part of the Division of Surgerybased at Western Hospital, Footscray (WHF). The unit alternates between hosting an HPB Fellow one year and an Oesophago-Gastric fellow the next. Currently, there are eight surgeons in the unit, with four surgeons having Oesophago-gastric surgery their main focus and four HPB. The Unit on average manages about sixty patients with Oesophagogastricmalignancy a year, performing 25 - 30 gastric resections and 6 - 8 oesophagectomies a year, as well as anti-reflux and achalasia surgery. We also undertake a range of other complex, endoscopic, open and laparoscopic Upper Gastrointestinal procedures. The Fellow will have access to a dedicated endoscopy list.The Fellow is attached to all the unit consultants and therefore will be involved in the management and surgery of complex HPB problems also. There is access to Bariatric surgery although not in the Public hospital. The unit also has an interest in complex abdominal wall reconstruction.

Anticipated Operative Experience

The Fellow participates in all public and some private operating lists throughout the twelve months appointment. They can expect to be involved in more than thirty major oesophago-gastriccases. In most of these cases they will be the principal operator. The Fellow also takes first call as a junior consultant for all acute emergencies admitted under the Unit. In addition, in conjunction with the Gastroenterology unit, the Unit provides surgical cover for upper gastrointestinal tract bleeding.

Multidisciplinary Interaction

There are regular clinical meetings involving interaction with multidisciplinary specialists. These include a weekly unit audit meeting (surgeons, junior medical staff, and nursing staff), a weekly MDT meeting (surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists), a weekly radiology meeting, a weekly M&M meeting and a three monthly unit "Academic Day" (Journal Club). These meetings involve structured presentations of selected cases and the Fellow is expected to participate and present on a regular basis.

Perioperative Evaluation

There is aweekly public outpatient clinic at WHF. This will involve participation in preoperative evaluation and assessment and treatment planning. Participation in these outpatient activities occurs for one half day each week.

Training Program

The Fellow attends all clinical and teaching meetings within the Division of Surgery.

Other Members of the Upper GI Surgical Team

  • SET 4 General Surgical Registrar
  • SET 1 General Surgical Registrar
  • Resident Medical Officer
  • Intern x 2

The clinical workload of the Unit is such that the Fellow will participate in all of the major Upper GI surgical cases at WHF and assist where practical in the private hospitals. The Fellow has a regular general surgical list at the Williamstown Hospital.The General Surgical Registrar (SET trainee) only works at WHF but can still expect to do more than 100 major cases and in 30% of these cases he/she will be the principal operator during any six months rotation.

Funding for this Position

This position is funded through Western Health at the appropriate pay scale for Fellows, extra income from private assisting is available where there is no clash with Western commitments.

Education Facilities Available for the Fellow

The Fellow is provided with a workstation, computer, internet access and a printer within the WHF Department of Surgery. The Fellow also has basic administrative support and is allocated a defined amount of time each week to undertake clinical or laboratory-based research. The Fellow has full access to the WHF library as well as to the RACS Library, which provides an extensive electronic literature database access.

Director of the Oesophago-Gastric Program/Mentors

The Current Director of the Fellowship Program is Mr. Rod Jacobs a member of the ANZGOSA. The Upper GI consultants present and participate in local, national and international surgical meetings. There is anoesophagogastric database within the unit that is run by one of the consultants and the OG Fellow is able to use this for clinical research. The Fellow's progress will be carefully monitored and formally evaluated during the appointment. There will be 3 monthly feedback sessions with the program director.

Support from the Institution

Western Hospital,Footscray is part of Western Health, with campuses at Footscray, Sunshine and Williamstown. Western Health are fully supportive of the Fellow.

Research Training

The Fellow can be involved in clinical research and submit for publication manuscripts during his/her twelve month appointment. All of the unit surgeons support and encourage clinical research and there is even an opportunity for laboratory-based research given the strong relationships between the Upper GI Surgical Unit and the University of Melbourne, Department of Surgery based at Sunshine Hospital.

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